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Affordable healthcare is within your reach.

Embrace an alternative to traditional health insurance and get more control and the freedom to choose your care for as low as $160/mo.

*Available in all states except WA.


A quick 5-minute call could save you 50% or more on your health coverage each month.

Monthly Individual Pricing

18 – 29 years old$235/mo
30 – 49 years old$260/mo
50 – 64 years old$335/mo
Pricing for a $1,000 IUA medical cost-sharing plan + individual employee assistance program for an individual only. Contact us for pricing on family plans and additional plan options.

A more affordable approach.

Health insurance costs continue to rise, with the average monthly cost of a traditional health insurance plan costing individuals about $450. With plans starting as low as $160 per month, this innovative program gives you the potential to save a significant amount of your hard-earned money. Imagine having those extra dollars for things that matter to you, all while still having access to the medical care you need.

The freedom to choose.

Imagine having the freedom to choose any doctor you want, whether they are around the block or across the country. No more compromises on your health because your preferred doctor isn’t “in-network.” With medical cost-sharing, you’re empowered to make the best decisions for your health, on your terms. Embrace this new era of personalized, accessible, and affordable health coverage.

A powerful combination.

Medical cost-sharing and a healthcare reimbursement membership are a powerful combination—providing access to free preventive services, low-cost prescription drugs, unlimited access to direct primary care, and protection against large, unexpected medical bills. And all while saving you up to 50% per month.

Healthcare that puts you in control.

Embrace the power to control your healthcare. This comprehensive program gives you the reins, putting the decision-making back in your hands. You’re no longer at the mercy of insurance networks or bound by pre-determined options. This is more than just a way to pay for unexpected healthcare costs; it’s a healthier way of life.

Take control of your healthcare expenses.

Empower yourself and take the first step toward a more secure and financially stable future by scheduling a call with me today.